Color has a unique way of liberating the spirit, as it contains qualities that can intensify and calm certain situations. Each color is blessed with a gift that can help harmonize and bring peace in situations of turmoil, and if we look into the broadened scope of nature, we are able to see different colors and how they are already used. For example, most plants and vegetables are green, symbolizing health and rejuvenation, bringing life and vitality. Each color has a different variable and constant in nature, but things get much more complex when we start talking about color and how we perceive this in our emotional states. What if we derive our emotional connections with color from certain encounters our ancestors had with these colors? Imagine one of your ancient ancestors discovering a spicy red pepper while on his or her daily travels. Assuming this is just an ordinary fruit, they take the first bite into this perceived sweet delicacy only to find out that this red pepper isn’t what was expected. Now experiencing a new sensation, we present day humans call spice, our ancestors can only associate the feeling with pain, anger and intensity. Something like this could have had a serious biological effect on future generations, evolving the human psyche to associate red with intensity and fire as a safety precaution. This is most likely the reason we associate certain colors with certain emotions, but if we could find a way to hack these colors and reverse the thoughts we associate with each color, we could find unrivaled peace through visual sensation. This would be done by taking colors usually associated with sad and gloomy times and combining them with objects that represent happiness. Eventually changing the way we perceive the color all together. This will make it possible to transform every color into something that can bring us peace through paint.

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