Paint of The Spirit

Painting gives us a much needed creative outlet in a world that takes individuality for granted. This world was essentially painted, as it took an initial artist to create all of the things we have in today’s society. Peace by paint is by no means trying to discourage school, although it is almost ironic how it teaches individuals to metaphorically study the paint on another’s canvas and replicate it on their own. After having a mostly unoriginal picture on their canvas, they are encouraged to use their mind to finish their own image exactly how another taught them. Never truly creating an original painting, but only a replica. We as artists should strive to paint with the spirit, both literally and metaphorically, so that we can use individuality to paint our peace. Don’t get caught up in what picture would make another artist happy, but instead, the masterpiece we want to paint, using every stroke of the brush to make it happen. So no, painting is not just a so called artform, it’s a way of life in which we all participate. We can either paint our own peace, or somebody else’s.