Don’t pacify your potential. Believe in the inner child, a manifestation of the imagination. Pink signifies our innocence, a culmination of the love, hope, and sensitivity that we all share. A certain desire for action, due to endless possibilities comes as the byproduct of this mixture between red and white. This creates calming effect that can take one back to simple times, when memories were fond of sweetness and joy. There are studies that confirm that pink can have a calming effect on the nerves and even create physical weakness. The Baker Miller Pink experiment is a perfect example of this, as researchers saw that within 5 months of using the color in prisons there was a significant reduction in violent and disruptive incidents, but with too much exposure, pink began to make inmates even more hostile. These reactions could stem from pinks association to the feminine, or its perception of over sensitivity. However, for us to truly reap the benefits of pink, we must have a free and flowing state of conscious. This is a color that must be chosen, because it has a proclivity to turn compassion into confusion in the unliberated mind. This brings up a valid theory that states, “too much of a good thing can equal a bad thing.” Seeing the compromise of mental stability with the overuse of pink, there seems to be a tendency for this color to really draw on the emotions. Many of us have an inner child that was hurt on multiple occasions, but it’s our job to remind ourselves that our inner children play in the present moment. They don’t feel sorry about the past, they continue with the desire to conquer the game of life. Note that we as individuals may be inspired by the past, taken back to moments of glory, exploration, and triumph. However, if we dwell on the past, it leaves no room to admire the current moment, limiting us from reaching our full potential. From here on out, we will no longer look at pink in the light of weakness, but from a place of current care and compassion. Pink is now a reminder of the endless opportunities we possess, if we choose to live freely in the present moment and acknowledge our inner child.