Ground in values that create wholesome foundations. Brown confides in simplicity and comfort to give us a feeling of security in our daily grounding process. Acting as the earth’s natural hue, brown is a color of sensibility. The comfort and security that we perceive from brown can act as both a mental safe haven, and a relaxant from the stresses of life. When one looks at brown, they should allow it to bring warmth and comfort to the spirit. However, to truly utilize the power that this color brings, one must have a grasp on their virtues and vices, and the willpower to abide by their own righteous principles. Brown can most commonly be seen in dirt, death, and trees. Therefore, this is a color with a biological basis, but what energy do we associate with brown?
Brown contains the energy of “Transformation”! Most if not all natural brown byproducts contain a lesson about self love in the midst of change. Even if one is dying, they can still enjoy the journey as seen through a leaf. A dying leaf does not care that it’s no longer apart of a tree, because this same leaf is in the process of turning into the dirt that makes the trees blossom. Something as simple as dirt is abundant with the property of self love, it is evident through its power to manifest the hopes and dreams of countless seeds. Although, the dirt must accept its own nature, before helping these seeds reach their potential. This is why it is important to value self love over crew love, because a crew cannot fully benefit from an individual that doesn’t love them-self. Let brown symbolize a unique internal comfort, without the presence of arrogance. Stay down to earth, with roots in the heavens. Who do you want to be? What dreams do you want to pursue? We with the human spirit have the capability to choose our transformation. If we want the qualities of dirt and self love, we can have these things if we express genuine love internally, and accept our flaws. We have the power to transform any situation, and the person who realizes this can reap the benefits of brown. Internal change brings external value.