Crack the code and elevate, that’s the golden rule. There’s always a new path to experience, with new opportunities to embark. Gold symbolizes the journey of emotional strength. It’s tied to the illumination and enlightenment of life, helping artists gain a true understanding of their self worth. The temptation of staying stagnate in one’s spiritual development may seem enticing, as we tell ourselves that to grow anymore would be too painful to bear. However, this is fools gold; a series of lies that keep the artist in bondage. The more an artist knows of themselves, the more freedom and knowledge they have to express on the canvas. The golden rule shows us that there is always room to improve on the quest to finding the true self. In order to reach the next level of self abundance, the artist must analyze his or her own work. Any mistakes made can be learned from, but the painter who never learns from his or her mistakes will never crack the codes to unlock the treasures of self actualization. Take the first stroke, you don’t have to know what you’re painting, the image will show itself in due time. Negative traits that are associated with gold are perceived as self centered. However, those who don’t paint would never understand the dedication it takes to create a golden foundation. The peaceful artist paints their life with a heart of gold, and the consistency of self development helps them break through their limits. Gold is the cousin of yellow “the illuminate” and brown “the grounded”, designed to help the painter shine and find wealth from within. If one ever feels low, they must visualize gold, and allow it to symbolize his or her ability to crack codes and elevate.