Jordan E. Burton is the creator and operator of peacebypaint.com, and the author of “The Blank Canvas: A Dose of Compassion for Human Kindness”. His mission focuses on helping others see the unique spark that lies dormant within every spirit. He promotes peace and compassion through a variety of social mediums including Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and his website. His background in persuasive communication, visual design, and leadership allows for wholehearted discussions over topics of social and emotional culture.

Jordan believes that everyone is an artist and tries to empower others to paint their own peace using color, which he describes as a form of communication with the world. Jordan currently lives in Dallas, Texas, and is always open to working with a progressive organization that values the individuality of its people. We as artists have the tools to turn our lives into a masterpiece, so if you’re willing to embark on a new and exciting journey with Jordan, pick up the canvas and let’s paint our peace.

What We Say

“Any mistake that an artist makes can always be turned into a masterpiece.”

Jordan Burton

“Don’t pacify your potential”

Jordan Burton

“A polished artist can paint harmony in times of chaos.”

Jordan Burton

Let’s create something together.