Ground in values that create wholesome foundations. Brown confides in simplicity and comfort to give us a feeling of security in our daily grounding process. Acting as the earth’s natural hue, brown is a color of sensibility. The comfort and security that we perceive from brown can act as both a mental safe haven, and a relaxant from the stresses of life. When one looks at brown, they should allow it to bring warmth and comfort to the spirit. However, to truly utilize the power that this color brings, one must have a grasp on their virtues and vices, and the willpower to abide by their own righteous principles. Brown can most commonly be seen in dirt, death, and trees. Therefore, this is a color with a biological basis, but what energy do we associate with brown?
Brown contains the energy of “Transformation”! Most if not all natural brown byproducts contain a lesson about self love in the midst of change. Even if one is dying, they can still enjoy the journey as seen through a leaf. A dying leaf does not care that it’s no longer apart of a tree, because this same leaf is in the process of turning into the dirt that makes the trees blossom. Something as simple as dirt is abundant with the property of self love, it is evident through its power to manifest the hopes and dreams of countless seeds. Although, the dirt must accept its own nature, before helping these seeds reach their potential. This is why it is important to value self love over crew love, because a crew cannot fully benefit from an individual that doesn’t love them-self. Let brown symbolize a unique internal comfort, without the presence of arrogance. Stay down to earth, with roots in the heavens. Who do you want to be? What dreams do you want to pursue? We with the human spirit have the capability to choose our transformation. If we want the qualities of dirt and self love, we can have these things if we express genuine love internally, and accept our flaws. We have the power to transform any situation, and the person who realizes this can reap the benefits of brown. Internal change brings external value.


Don’t pacify your potential. Believe in the inner child, a manifestation of the imagination. Pink signifies our innocence, a culmination of the love, hope, and sensitivity that we all share. A certain desire for action, due to endless possibilities comes as the byproduct of this mixture between red and white. This creates calming effect that can take one back to simple times, when memories were fond of sweetness and joy. There are studies that confirm that pink can have a calming effect on the nerves and even create physical weakness. The Baker Miller Pink experiment is a perfect example of this, as researchers saw that within 5 months of using the color in prisons there was a significant reduction in violent and disruptive incidents, but with too much exposure, pink began to make inmates even more hostile. These reactions could stem from pinks association to the feminine, or its perception of over sensitivity. However, for us to truly reap the benefits of pink, we must have a free and flowing state of conscious. This is a color that must be chosen, because it has a proclivity to turn compassion into confusion in the unliberated mind. This brings up a valid theory that states, “too much of a good thing can equal a bad thing.” Seeing the compromise of mental stability with the overuse of pink, there seems to be a tendency for this color to really draw on the emotions. Many of us have an inner child that was hurt on multiple occasions, but it’s our job to remind ourselves that our inner children play in the present moment. They don’t feel sorry about the past, they continue with the desire to conquer the game of life. Note that we as individuals may be inspired by the past, taken back to moments of glory, exploration, and triumph. However, if we dwell on the past, it leaves no room to admire the current moment, limiting us from reaching our full potential. From here on out, we will no longer look at pink in the light of weakness, but from a place of current care and compassion. Pink is now a reminder of the endless opportunities we possess, if we choose to live freely in the present moment and acknowledge our inner child.


Orange creates a vivid contrast between life and death, extending itself into the world of sacrifice and power with red, and the realm of the eternal with yellow. Orange is a color of high visibility, without bringing the same eye strain associated with red or yellow. This is the main color of the harvest and autumn seasons, and is thought of in union with the summer. In addition, it can also give us a thirst for action, improve our decision making, enhance our confidence and improve our moods. Studies have shown that orange can awaken physical sensations such as an increased appetite, similar to red. It is proven to also heighten our mental activity, increase oxygen supply to the brain, and elevate our feelings of contentment. Orange’s ability to produce a feeling of contentment is not just a physical reaction, it also crosses us over into the world of the spiritual and eternal. Fire is the element we will use to connect with orange on a spiritual level, so that we can truly understand its benefits. Think of a flame, one cannot physically touch it, but rather feel its affects. Depending in how prepared we feel, we inch closer and closer to the fire to warm ourselves even more, but if we aren’t properly prepared we could be burned. This is why we associate orange with caution. A flame is one of our instinctual links with orange, giving us a warning of possible danger, but not in the same imminence as red. Inching closer to the internal light we attach to yellow, red mixes in and gives orange its visual shock. Nevertheless, are we truly ready to see within the depths of the spirit? Orange is the balance that allows us to control how much of our internal light we see in relation to our ability to harness that power. In other words, we can only see the internal light that we have the power to possess. It’s important to remind ourselves that we are on the correct path, as we are learning more about ourselves in perfect timing.


Take your light and transform it into a form that others can see. This is the essence of yellow. It’s the most visible color in the color spectrum, and acts as a derivative of light. With one of the highest reflective values on the spectral curve, yellow appears as the lightest hue in the color spectrum. Associated with feelings of optimism, cheerfulness, and fun, it has the ability to excite us and give our bodies a surge of energy. If we mix black in with yellow, we quickly notice that yellow has a complete change in nature when introduced to darkness. It no longer remains yellow but turns into a sickly green. This is proof that yellow is in the image of light, because it does not allow the presence of darkness. Nevertheless, we can often times feel agitated with too much exposure to yellow. Being a secondary form of light, it has the tendency to give off a fake vibe, as we expect a sort of shine or glow to radiate from it. Betrayal, cowardice, and madness are all characteristics that are negatively linked to yellow. Individuals claim that the color can also draw out feelings of anxiety, more than likely because its lack of shine and physical warmth flustering our mind-state. However, do not be discouraged, like any other color, we can adapt our mentality to embrace its benefits. This transforms its perceived negatives into sources of peace. It’s important to note, the negatives we associate with yellow all stem from our desire to make this color our source of light. We have no choice but to feel a sense of disappointment at times when we don’t get the same spark from this color, as we do with genuine light. Nevertheless, if yellow shined as bright as a star we wouldn’t actually be able to appreciate its visual beauty. Considering that we ourselves have a light that beams vividly inside our spirits, we shouldn’t be concerned about any external lack. Allow yellow to be a reminder of the light that radiates within us, expressing our power to burn as bright as the sun. Yellow is an affirmation of the internal glow we all posses, allowing us to make the world a brighter place.


Nurture the inner nature, so that our outer branches may continue to bloom with positivity. Green supports us in our journey of developing inner tranquility by relaxing us physically and mentally. Another color with a strong biological basis, being the primary color seen in the foods and herbs that maintain our health. Many pharmaceutical, nutritional, and health conscious companies use green as a way to promote their products as safe and healthy. This is because of the correlation green has with sales. A Harvard University Study from 2012 discovered that food items labeled in green created a sense of healthiness as well as a spike in sales, even if the products were not necessarily healthy. This is an indication that green can be used to promote peace, because of emotional positivity. However, like many colors, green has different meanings with changes in its triad. A dark green can be associated with ambition, business, and jealousy. A yellowish green may be indicative of sickness, fearfulness, and discord. The sea and olive greens are usually the colors associated with healing, peace, and protection. However, all of these greens have the ability to bring life to countless situations. Green makes us feel as though we have a sense of hope, and brings a certain vitality to our mind state. With green we overcome, and take action in the present moment to grow as individuals. When times are tough, allow yourself to grab hold of branches of your own accomplishments. These branches are connected to peaceful pastures that can help aid us in climbing the mountains and hurdles of life. We are like any plant, we must have an adequate amount of light in a world that would like to keep us shaded. We must nourish ourselves by finding a place of inner peace, to ensure that we live by the morals and standards set by our own spirits. Blossom into a tree full of lush leaves, by remembering if the spirit is nurtured, falls are temporary and springs are eternal. Life is a magnificent experience, and green is eye candy to help us relish its sweetness.


We overflow in a pool of power. Enriched by a fountain of our own compassion, red moves us with the element of intensity. It’s no secret that red draws attention and evokes strong emotions, but why does it do this? Cultural backgrounds play a big role when analyzing our interpretations of each color, but when a color has a biological basis. there is always a common link to the way we each perceive that color. Red is something that represents life if it remains inside of our bodies. However if red escapes us could mean the loss of power, or even death. This is one of the reasons it almost seems as though it’s a shock when we see red, because we question if that source contains some of the power that belongs to us. This is possibly the rationale behind red roses and red hearts symbolizing love. It gives the impression of self sacrifice, and represents the gift of ones inner being to someone whom we care for. That’s the part of our compassionate nature, that overflows when we are in tune with our core. If you’re hungry for more, red also has the ability to stimulate our appetites and enhance the brains attention to detail. Mcdonalds, Chick Fil A, Panda Express, and Chipotle are just some of the few companies on a vast list that have excelled at using the intense, passionate, and emotional changing abilities of red in their logos. A 2012 poker study from the Netherlands shows that the poker players that were given red chips bet more money and were more competitive, while players using white or blue chips tended to fold more. This implicates that red is far more than just a visual sensation, this color actually has the ability to encourage us to take action. Nevertheless, we do not perceive red as all rosy. There is an aspect to this color that awakens our inner animal. Feelings of rage, threat, and even an increase in blood pressure, can all be affects that can act in a negative light from the consumption of red. Therefore, let’s talk about a balance that will make red our companion of peace. Enter the maze of the mind, here we will picture red, and experience all of the feelings and emotions it brings upon us. Any negative feelings such as the rage, anger, or vengeance, allow them to be absorbed by the warmth of your own compassion. In your mind create a warm and loving environment that does not allow pessimism or negativity. Your compassionate nature breaths life into any situation and creates the excitement, love, and passion we feel from red, giving us the energy to be the fire that pushes us to brighten the future.