Rise and Shine! Previously we learned about black, and the human perception of the absence of color. This time we will learn about white, the combination of all colors. White reflects the full force of the color spectrum in our eyes. It can also create a barrier, but in a much different way than black. Black acts as a relaxant , while white has a straining effect. Its uncompromising complexion brings a pure, innocent, and hygienic nature to any picture. This is why the blank canvas is white, creating limitless possibilities and opportunities. Often used as a symbol of peace and emptiness, white has the tendency to be labeled a “boring” color. In spite of the fact that white is not a color, this shade is anything but boring, it’s a conceptual rainbow. With all the colors mixed into one shade, each color added on top of white is a new journey unlocked by the artist. Never the less, there is a certain “touch me not” stigma that glooms over white. A simple solution to the problem is to tell ourselves that we are worthy of the light. Many artists are afraid of the white canvas, because they fear they will destroy its beauty, or expose their flaws. Like an egg, if an individual isn’t careful, the inner contents of their character could spill out. This is exactly what we want, to reveal the colorful contents within our shells, because whatever decision an artist makes can always be turned into a masterpiece. If we can break through our shells of limiting beliefs, lack of trust, and stagnation, we will be nourished with food of the soul, awakening the world of color through white. When we accept our destiny of color and bring our stories to the light, uncertainty and insecurity start to fade away. Dont be afraid of white, because it is one of the things most needed when we as artists display our stories for the world to marvel. Embrace your path, accept your flaws, and watch as your masterpiece begins to take its form.


Before we start living a life of color, we must begin with the absence of color, black. Black represents the unknown, the blessings in life that cannot yet be seen. This most mysterious color isn’t actually considered color, but a shade. It’s a platform of unseen blessings that requires us to affirm our reality instead of just naming what we see.

Many individuals believe it’s best used to represent death and morning, or things that have a negative connotation. This is portrayed in a recent study of the National Hockey League players in which 52,000 NHL games were examined. They found that teams were penalized more for aggression while wearing black. This is likely the reason black is assigned to the visiting team in sports. We naturally associate black with fear and the unknown, but before any great creation comes a little fear.

Never the less, there is a way to transform the way we view black . The Egyptians believed that black symbolized life and rebirth, almost as if they had a certain faith in the unknown, making black seem far less ominous than many believe. Brands such as Chanel and Prada make a fortune off of consumers by using black to create a sense of sophistication in their items.

The key lies in attaching black to things that we already know to eventually change the perception of the shade altogether. This is a way to paint our peace and remind ourselves that the unknown doesn’t have to be all negative. Black is actually needed to bring structure, and provide an outline for our life’s image. Associations with the root chakra are common with this shade, as it has the power to ground us and bring a sense of structure. Powerful and elegant, black can evoke strong emotions, but if used in excess can be overwhelming as with every color, and anything in life. Black is the only thing we can see without light giving us this fear of the unknown, but imagine instead of seeing black when we closed our eyes, we saw something else. Would we still put associations of fear with this new shade? Possibly not. Many believe that there is something inherently special about this shade that’s seemingly a portal into a new realm.

Once you as the artist accept the possibilities of the unknown, and affirm your unseen blessings, black will begin to outline your future in a mysterious way that will soon start to create your ideal image.


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